Samick – SOLD

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    Piano mewn cês satin du gan y cwmni adnabyddus Samick.

    Sain clir a thôn pwerus, gyda chyffyrddiad braf i’w chwarae.

    Wedi’i wneuthuro gyda defnyddia safonol iawn, ac yn cynnwys trydydd pedal ar gyfer ymarfer.

    This lovely Samick upright is housed in an elegant satin black finish.

    Manufactured by the World famous Samick brand with quality European parts.

    This piano has a bright and powerful tone, and an easy to play action. It includes a third pedal for practicing at any hour of the day!

    12 month warranty.

    Full workshop inspection.

    L:144.5cm; H: 118.5cm; D: 60.5cm

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