Zimmerman (Bechstein)


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    Dyma biano arbennig iawn mewn cês traddodiadol a choedyn satin mahogani, wedi’i wneuthuro o gwmpas 2009.

    Mae’r cyffyrddiad yn hynod braf i’w chwarae, gyda sain cynnes a chyfoethog iawn. Ceir pedal ymarfer hefyd, a fyddai’n ddefnyddiol ar gyfer chwarae unrhyw amser!

    This is a truly spectacular upright by Zimmerman (within the renowned Bechstein company). Manufactured around 1009, it has a traditional case design, with a very nice mahogany satin finish.

    It has an amazingly responsive action, an easy to play touch and a wonderfully rich and mellow tone. Includes a practice pedal for playing at any time!

    L: 150cm; W: 60cm; H: 118cm

    12 month warranty

    Workshop inspected by our technicians.

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