Danemann 115 Silent System


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    Cyfle gwych i brynu piano safonol newydd sbon gan y cwmni Danemann, sydd yn cynnwys y dechnoleg ddiweddara!

    Wedi’i wneuthuro mewn coedyn du hefo sglein, dyma offeryn hefo sain clir a chyffyrddiad hynod braf i’w chwarae.

    A great opportunity to buy a brand new upright by Danemann that is fully fitted with the KeyMi silent system.

    Enjoy peaceful practise at any time, without disturbing family or neighbours. There’s also no need to worry about others hearing you until you’re performance ready!

    When the silent system is switched on, highly responsive sensors are activated, allowing for completely silent play using headphones. The easy to use interface allows the option of 129 voices; the pianist can also record their playing, or connect to a PA system for performance or recording work. A helpful visual gauge shows how hard each key is being pressed – ideal for repetitive or scale practise, or as a teaching aid.

    Choosing to add silent technology to your piano offers you the advantages of both a digital and acoustic piano without sacrificing any additional space.

    L: 149cm; D: 60cm; H: 115cm

    Workshop inspected by our technicians

    12 month warranty


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